Backit Down
the file synchronizer

Backit Down Setup

This dialog opens after clicking the corresponding button on the main window.

There are not too many options presently, and all of them fit onto a single panel. Click "OK" button to save the changes or "Cancel" to just close the dialog. The "Reset" button allows you to load all setup options to the state it was at the moment you opened the window.


This group contains synchronization log options. XML log files are created on each synchronization (if you choose the option). This files are saved in your home directory.

Compress synchronization logfiles
Check this box if you wish the logs be bzip2 compressed.
Delete logs after days
If this option is selected, Backit Down will remove outdated logs. Type here zero if you don't wish to delete logs at all.


Select interface language in the combobox. You'll have to restart the program for the change to take effect.


Options in this group control job of bzip2 routines while copying files to the media.

Compression quality
Sets the size of the internal buffer. Possible values 1 (minimal compression) through 9 (maximal compression).
Work factor
Sets the value of internal bzip2 parameter to analyze the data to be compressed. Zero asks for minimal time but gives worse results, 130 - more time consuming but gives better compression.


This group embraces the options not suited for the other groups.

Show all drives
If this box unchecked Backit Down will search for media only within removable drives. Otherwise within all currently connected drives.
Remove empty folders
Check this folder if you wish Backit Down to remove empty folders (which may occur after synchronization).