Backit Down
the file synchronizer

Media Manager

This dialog can register storage devices as Backit Down media. It runs from the main window after clicking the "Manage media" button.

Left half of the window enlists all media known to the program. You can add and remove the media clicking the buttons above the list and rename them in the editbox below. The medium name makes sence only for you, so you can unroll your fantasy.

The right half keeps information about connected drives. The "Show all drives" checkbox doubles the same on the options dialog. Checking this also refreshes the list of the storage devices, otherwise you can refresh these clicking the "Refresh" button.

The edit fields below are aimed only for your convenience. They can help you to identify selected drive.

The UID box shows the identifier assigned to the drive by Backit Down. This ID is located on the medium in the file /backit.txt. Actually the process of linking Backit medium to drives means writing this value into the said file.

Select a medium on the left, a drive on the right and click the clipper button to link them.

When you have done with the media close the window clicking the "Close" button.