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Backit Down: Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software

Current version that of July 18 2011

Backit Down

This project was registered on on Jun 6, 2011

This application will help you to synchronize folders and files between different computers, backup and restore files onto/from external drives (USB flash or HDD). Just create and setup a synchronization project and then only click a button to do the job!

Reasons to use Backit:

Backit Down v.

Eliminated possibility of folder rules reordering on importing projects database

Backit Down v.

Some fixes in English help have been done. Fixed wxWidgets configuration on automake. A possibility of file selection rules reordering on importing projects database is still to be fixed, but I have not much free time for the moment.

Backit Down v.

This version is declared the pre-release one. More or less usefull features are done, now utencils are being added :)

Added filters and some interface modifications to the actions approval dialog. New main menu commands are available - for visiting this site and check for updates.

Some grammatical errors detected in the help (well, English one). Be the time I'll fix anything I've found.